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Brad Gross, one of the top technology law attorneys in the country, discusses security, licensing, and contract issues for MSPs. Learn what you’re doing wrong and how to fix it, so you can sleep more soundly and focus on what you do best. Contact:

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Thursday Jan 18, 2024

Late last year, one of the most notable acquisitions in the cybersecurity industry took place: Sonicwall acquired Solutions Granted.  You might have read about the deal, but do you know what motivated two of the most respected cybersecurity companies to get together? Do you know how that acquisition will benefit your MSP?   In this very special episode of the Bradcast, Michael Crean of Solutions Granted and Michelle Ragusa-McBain of Sonicwall will tell you all about it. Listen up!

The Seven Deadly Words

Wednesday Jan 10, 2024

Wednesday Jan 10, 2024

There are seven words that cause MSPs to spend millions of dollars unnecessarily. There are seven words that MSPs always use to justify why they were unprepared; why they were caught without contracts, without insurance, without foresight. No other words have exposed MSPs to so much liability, costs, and heartaches.  Want to know what they are? Listen up.

Sunday Dec 31, 2023

"We don’t have insurance. We don’t always use quotes. We've let our receivables get too high."
Too often throughout 2023 I’ve heard those sentences uttered from MSPs nationwide. If they sound familiar to you, then you need to correct that situation right now--and I'm going to tell you how to do that. Welcome to the next episode of the Technology Bradcast.

Wednesday Nov 15, 2023

A CISO has been charged with fraud. Does this mean that CISOs and company directors will be responsible for all cybersecurity vulnerabilities? Has the government’s oversight of the cybersecurity industry suddenly changed? Should you be worried? Listen up.

Tuesday Oct 24, 2023

Your customer terminates your agreement prematurely and without cause.  The payout clause in your agreement requires your customer to pay out the balance of the contract, but your customer's lawyer says it's unenforceable--and maybe it is.  Do you want to avoid the "evil magic" that lawyers use to circumvent payout clauses? Then listen up.

Tuesday Sep 26, 2023

Your customer owes your MSP business a small amount of money, so you file a small claims action and you don’t hire an attorney--because attorneys are expensive, right? But the judge won't let your case proceed unless you hire an attorney.  What can you do?  Listen up.

Thursday Sep 07, 2023

Guidance is the key to great relationships between MSPs and their customers.  Too many MSPs don't provide the right kind of guidance to their customers, and that’s causing friction--the kind of friction that attorneys resolve by the hour.  And those attorneys don’t give a damn about your business, but I do. Want to know how to provide guidance?  Listen up.

Wednesday Aug 30, 2023

Some MSP's think that they can update their master agreement simply by posting updated terms on a central website. It's so effortless. It's hands-off. It's so...UNENFORCEABLE. If you think you can unilaterally change your MSA and then force your customers to accept the modified MSA simply because your MSA says "that’s the way it is," well, you’re in a very precarious legal position.  Want to know more?  Listen up.

Saturday Jun 24, 2023

New York is about do to away with non-compete provisions. That means that your employees can quit and then open up a competing shop or even work for your biggest competitor.  So what does that mean for your company?  Should you panic?  Should you care? The answers are ahead…listen up.

Saturday Feb 25, 2023

MSPs that use service agreements only some of the time (instead of all of the time) forget where they are. They forget what could be ahead.  If that's what you're doing, then you need a dose of reality.
Listen up.


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Bradley Gross is the founding partner of the Law Office of Bradley Gross, P.A., a law firm that specializes in transactions involving technology service providers, VARs, technology solution resellers, cloud solution providers, IT professionals and technology companies worldwide.

Having counseled thousands of MSPs across the country, Brad has "seen it all and done it all" when it comes to managed service transactions. 

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